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Ohio Players

℗ 1996 Mercury Records 532 406

℗ 2013 barin.livejournal.com BR LLJ 59755

Ohio Players  1996  Jam

Polygram couldn't be hurting for cash, or could they? This recording has all the elements of a cash cow. It's advertised as the Ohio Players' jammin' in the studio; it's most likely a rehearsal for a live-on-stage recording. If you have the Ohio Players' albums, cassettes, or CDs, or one of their greatest-hits compilations, you already have the best versions of these songs. The liner notes claims these are new arrangements of their old hits, but the changes are so slight you won't even notice them. That Polygram thinks the public wants 11 minutes of 'Fire' is a problem in itself. Unless you're just a hopelessly addicted Ohio Player fanatic and have to possess everything and anything with their name stamped on it, avoid this.