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The Buggles

The Buggles

Американский дуэт. Был образован в 1977, в него вошли Тревор Хорн и Джефф Даунс. В 1980 оба музыканта были приглашены в группу YES, но вскоре Даунс уже сформировал группу ASIA, а Хорн стал продюсером звукозаписи. Позднее в состав группы вошли Джон Андерсон и Рик Уэйкмен.

As the answer to the trivia question "What was the first act ever played on MTV?," the Buggles assured their place in pop music history. Vocalist and bassist Trevor Horn and keyboardist Geoff Downes formed the electro-pop duo in England in 1979 after meeting two years prior as session musicians. Their first single, "Video Killed the Radio Star," hit number one in the U.K. in late 1979; when MTV went on the air in 1981, the prophetically-titled record's video was the first ever broadcast on the fledgling cable network.

Although the Buggles enjoyed three more British hits — "The Plastic Age," "Clean Clean" and "Elstree" — both Horn and Downes were more interested in production than performing; in 1980, they helmed Yes' Drama, and later joined the group as replacements for Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson. After Yes' break-up, Downes signed on with Asia, while Horn formed ZTT Records and produced hits for the likes of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and ABC. — Jason Ankeny.


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