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Ten Years After Undead

Ten Years After

℗ 1968 Deram Records SML 1023

℗ 2013 barin.livejournal.com BR LLI 93718

℗ 2002 Deram Records 882 899: CD Re-release

Ten Years After  1968  Ten Years After Undead

Undead is the second album by TEN YEARS AFTER, recorded live at the small jazz club, Klook's Kleek, in London, May 1968. This album set out to give listeners a real feel to what it was like to hear TEN YEARS AFTER. Their eponymous first album was bluesy, but less emotional and passionate, and so the band decided to record the album live. The result was a combination of blues, boogie and jazz playing that merged more traditional rock and roll with 1950's-style jump blues. This album became the introduction that many aspiring musicians used as a learning tool to explore beyond rock and pop boundaries and into more improvised stylings.