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Glory Road


℗ 1980

Gillan • 1980 • Glory Road

Like Mr. Universe, Glory Road put many of the albums Deep Purple recorded after Gillan's departure to shame. Play this album (which Metal Blade reissued on CD in the early 1990s) next to Purple's post-Gillan 1975 release Come Taste the Band, and it becomes clear just how superior some of Gillan's solo albums were. Those who like Gillan for melodic yet blistering heavy metal won't be disappointed by "Sleeping on the Job," "Unchain Your Brain" and other inspired, high-octane rockers. A few years later, Gillan would experiment with elements of jazz fusion and R&B/funk, but on Glory Road, it is his love of metal and balls-to-the-wall rock that wins out. Next to Mr. Universe, this was Gillan's best studio date. — Alex Henderson.