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Lawrence Hilton Jacobs

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

℗ 1978 ABC Records UNW 02276

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs • 1978 • Lawrence Hilton Jacobs

Park Avenue Sound - Gloria Gaynor / Lawrence Hilton Jacobs - Lawrence Hilton Jacobs

Both sets hail from 1978 and represent some fine soul from that period.

What is strange about Gloria Gaynor's LP is that it was released at the height of 'DISCO'. Now most people, when they are asked 'who is the Queen Of Disco?' might say...Gloria Gaynor. 'I Will Survive' must go down as one of the worst records ever made. This album testifies that Gloria has a real soul side. Just listen to the track 'This Love Affair' and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Great track.

Lawrence Hilton Jacobs set came out on ABC and was produced by my favourite soul man, Lamont Dozier. Lawrence's voice is, actually, not too dis-similar to the great man. A strong set all the way through with Lamont on writing chores. I am going to go for the fine 'When We Can'. Great stuff.