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Concerto Retitled

Joe Zawinul

℗ 1976

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Joe Zawinul • 1976 • Concerto Retitled

As Joe Zawinul's electric band Weather Report gathered momentum in the '70s, Atlantic put together a single-LP anthology of Zawinul's earlier two albums for Atlantic and one for Vortex. The irony, of course, is that the Zawinul of most of these tracks basically did not exist as of 1976, nor has this compulsively forward-looking musician returned to his acoustic jazz roots since. Fully half of the tracks - the Tatumesque solo number, 'My One and Only Love,' the straight-ahead 'Riverbed,' and trio numbers 'Del Sasser' and 'Sharon's Waltz' (with Cannonball Adderley's rhythm section, Sam Jones and Louis Hayes) come from the Money in the Pocket album. 'From Vienna with Love' and 'Concerto Retitled' (both from The Rise and Fall of the Third Stream) are backed by William Fischer's brooding neo-classical arrangements for cello and three violas. From these relatively conventional pursuits, it is a jolt to hear two hauntingly spiritual tracks - the electronically slowed-down 'His Most Journey' and 'In a Silent Way - ' from the Zawinul album, the prelude to Weather Report. Though all of this stuff is out on CD in complete form, this is still useful as a quick trip through Zawinul's extraordinary changes over a short span of time.

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