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White Door

White Door

In the late 1970's,in UK, a group of fellow art students decided to form a rock band called Grace. Grace rapidly developed a reputation for strong songs and a dynamic stage presence, and as a result the audience grew, and record companies became interested. Maybe it was the advent of punk maybe it was the bickering amongst the band members, maybe the band was frightened of success. Whatever the reasons, Grace split up in 1981, much to the shock of their hundreds of staunch followers.

Individuals carried out a few splinter projects, but the only serious new contender was the formation of the synthesizer band White Door. The line up featured the vocalist (Mac) and Flautist (Harry) from the defunct Grace, together with brother John on keyboards. As White Door, they released an album (Windows) and several singles (including "Windows", "Jerusalem", and "Flame in my Heart"). Although the music represented an almost complete change of direction, the quality of song writing still showed through, and the established music press almost admitted to liking them. — T. Beksinski.


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