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Billy Cobham

℗ 1975

℗ 2013 barin.livejournal.com BR LLJ 91591

Billy Cobham  1975  Shabazz

Shabazz captures Cobham's Total Eclipse band in a live setting, and contains two originals, 'Shabazz' and 'Tenth Pin.' The other two songs, 'Taurian Matador' and 'Red Baron,' which debuted on Cobham's classic recording, Spectrum, are given an impressive update. All of the songs are blowing sessions allowing each musician ample time to develop their ideas. Cobham attacks his drums with a vengeance on the introduction to 'Shabazz' and on his powerful solo for 'Tenth Pin.' This is a good, old-fashioned blowing session that captures one of Cobham's best bands at their peak.