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Waiting for Herb

The Pogues

℗ 1993 Chameleon Records 61598

The Pogues • 1993 • Waiting for Herb

With driving force Shane MacGowan gone, the Pogues ended up with the same problems the Band experienced minus Robbie Robertson. MacGowan's struggles with the bottle, and in turn the band, added the needed danger that kept things fiery and hotheaded. Without him the Pogues turned rootsy and effortless to a fault. The playing is there but the songs have lost their sharp edge. Spider Stacy's only writing contribution, "Tuesday Morning," is the best of the lot with a catchy hook and lazy way, while the oddball "Pachinko" proves that MacGowan didn't have the exclusive rights to creativity. Otherwise, there is one pensive song after another and depth ends up being the victim. — David Jeffries.