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The Last Dance

Ken Hensley

℗ 2003 Sacramento Records SMT 3203

Ken Hensley  2003  The Last Dance

Recorded at Sacramento Studios, Alicante, Spain, February and March 2003.





I'm crying
From deep in my soul to the core of my heart
I'm crying

And I'm crying
For the door to close so I can make a new start
I'm crying

I'm trying
To understand it all, how I missed the call
I'm trying

And I'm dying
From the pain inside and all the tears I've cried
I'm dying

I wanna hold you again 'till the nightmare ends
Let our love wash away the lost years
I wanna kiss you again, I wanna kill the pain
And swim in the flood of our tears
But I can't do that now because
You're far away from me
I let you go somehow and now
It's much too late to see the light

One mistake, is that all it takes
To erase the love of my life
Seems insane that one moment's shame
Can wipe out all that I've done right
And I tried, how I tried
Still our love found a place to hide
And I've tried, God knows I've tried
Still our love left and died

Letting Go

Images of Nikki Lynn came drifting
Through my head this morning
Long forgotten memories from oh, so long ago
And it made me start to wonder
Why it is this often happens
And why we have a problem
Sometimes simply letting go

What value lies within the past
What use is waiting there?
Why spend so much time wondering
When perhaps I shouldn't care?
Do the lessons of our past mistakes
Really make the future brighter?
Is it something I should dwell upon
Is it something I should share?

Why can't I let go
Why can't I let go

I will let go
I will let go
I will let go
I will let go ooh

We all have things that we're convinced
We can't live without
Joined at the hip to a sinking ship
Surrounded by a sea of doubt
Our reach should be bigger
Than our grip on temporary satisfaction
Make the finite infinite, the past behind us
Lessons learned, a course of action

Now I must let go
Now I must let go

I Know Who You Are

Don't try to control me
Don't try to console me
Don't bother to write or call
'Cause I've heard it all before

You had me fooled for a short time
With your empty words and your fine lines
But it ain't happening anymore
'Cause I know who you are

You said you'd help me to turn my life around
All you did was to turn it upside down
I can't believe that I gave you so much trust
Now you're trying to turn my rock to dust

People saying I should've seen the sign
You think that playing with lives is not a crime
No matter how hard you try, I will survive
'Cause the moment of truth has just arrived

Second Chance (A New Beginning)

There's a hole in our love
Don't know where it came from or how it got there
There's a hole in my heart
And there's no way to live with the pain there

Can we go back in time
Can we go back and find
All the bridges we crossed
All the love we lost

We knew something was wrong
And we both should have seen it coming
We kept cruising along
Until nothing turned into something

Can we have it again
Can we even be friends
Do we have enough time
Or is this how it ends

I believe in love forever
I believe in us together
We can't waste another minute
Forget all this, there's nothing in it

Think about the love we've tasted
Forget about the time we've wasted
No more losing, only winning
A second chance, a new beginning

We leave it all in the past
Behind us at last
Keep on holding my hand
The original plan

Give Me a Reason

I was downtown drinking with the boys
All of a sudden coming out of the noise
One of my so-called friends
About ruined the night

He told me you've been seen around
Told me you've been playing the town
Seemingly without respect
For the fact that you're mine

If you think you're coming back to me
You're adding insult to injury
You better try your luck some other day

When you can give me a reason, give me a reason
Give me a reason - a reason to stay
Give me a reason to stay

The more I realise the more it hurts
You're out there acting like some smalltown flirt
Telling me you're spending your nights
Dreaming of me

You're asking me to overlook
Asking me to let you off the hook
Well obviously that's not the way it's gonna be

You're so busy making up my mind
I'm gonna do it in my own sweet time
Come back baby when you've got
Something better to say

The Voice of Love

No matter where you are
You'll hear my voice calling out to you
What else can I do
When my heart is beating slightly out of tune
You will know the sound
The voice of love so pure and crystal clear
Trying to let you know that
I've seen enough of living without you here

Somewhere in my heart a fire is burning
And the flame will never die
While I watch the wheel of fortune turning
And the long nights passing by
Ain't it funny how the time seems to go so slow
When you're looking through a crystal ball
And I have to rely on the voice of love
And hope you hear my call

So long ago, so far away
So strong was the love that we shared
And now I find myself standing here
Seeing just how much I cared
'Cause your love is the only love
I'll ever want or need
So listen to the voice of love, listen to my plea

The voice of love

Give 'em What They Want

Don't ask them what they're looking for
Don't ask them why
'Cause they can't really tell you right from wrong
An educated guess will be the best you'll get
'Cause without a soul they'll never find
The heart of a song

Don't waste your time imagining
You're getting through
Don't kid yourself that anybody cares
It doesn't make a difference what you try to do
Just don't waste your time
Get it straight in your mind

Give 'em what they want
Give 'em what they're looking for
Just give 'em what they want
And send them away

Who Knows

Who knows who's to blame for it
Who knows who will pay for it
And who knows how it came to be
In whose name and by what decree

Is there something out there
Bigger than you and me
Is there someone somewhere
That we can't see who knows

Do you know what you're doing here
What did you see in your father's tears
Anything to show for all these years
Can you really hear a thing through the endless cheer

There is something out there
Bigger than you and me
There is someone quite near
That we can see

Maybe I shouldn't think so much
Maybe I shouldn't care
Maybe I'm a little out of touch
Who knows, who cares

Who knows what's in store for us
Who decides peace or war for us
When god wants so much more for us
You decide who you're gonna trust

You wanna know who this hombre is
You wanna live in the light
You wanna feel the spirit's kiss
Even though you tried to take his life

Who knows God knows


You are my life, you are my love
You're the heart that beats within me
You're the one I'll never leave
You're what makes my life worth living

And if the worst should come
And we must move to a different drum
We'll take it anyway
'Cause no matter what they say

We'll be dancing with the wind
Dancing with the rain
Dancin' to the beat of my heart
Dancin' to the melody
Ringin' in my head
Nothing's gonna keep us apart

You are the sun, you are the moon
You are my imagination
We're gonna win, we just can't lose
Not with all this inspiration

They can try and take our stuff
But they can't touch this special love
We're together come what may
And no matter what they say

Did You Know

On Christmas Day we celebrate
That Jesus Christ was born
Our lives are filled with special things
We dance from dusk to dawn

But did you know he also died for you
Did you know he paid a price for you
Do you know him as the greatest gift of all

We remind ourselves of fairy tales
A reindeer on a ride
And we wrap the toys with love and care
Preparing for that special night

But did you know that Jesus died for you
Did you know he paid a price for you
Do you know him as the greatest gift of all

And did you know that everyone
Will meet him in the end
Did you know he really loves you
And he wants to be your friend
Did you know that a simple prayer
Will bring you all his love
Did you know Did you know

So Christmas comes and Christmas goes
But Christ himself will stay
If you let him live inside your heart
It's Christmas every day

For he came to earth to die for you
He came to pay a price for you
Do you know him as the greatest gift of all

The Last Dance (El Gitano Viejo)

I met a sad old gypsy on the road to Berlin
By chance I got to spend a little time with him
We shared a few life stories on that dusty old train
So I thought I'd take a minute
Just to share them again with you

He talked of all the twists and turns he'd taken in life
And how his spirit clung to God to do what was right
Sure he got the prize but he never counted the cost
I felt his pain as he shared with me all that he had lost

If you could only see what was there in his eyes
An eternity of wandering in search of the prize
He'd had it all, the money, all the fame and romance
And now he shed a tear as he faced the last dance

The blessing comes but once he said
But it's not for you, it must be shared
And if you keep it to yourself
You'll be no use to anyone else
And he who gives will take away
And you will face the same dark day
That even now is all my pain
I'll never have this dance again

Chances, dances, how quickly this life passes
All our hopes and all our dreams
Get lost in all our selfish schemes
You see, it's not about you, it's not about me
It's about loving something we can't see
It's all about what we are willing to share
It's about our hearts and who lives there

As the train rolled into the city
He shook his head as if to say
It's your turn now, just know the game
That you're about to play
And it seemed as if right there and then
A light came to his eyes
As he exchanged the dance of life
For a far better prize

And so the tired old gypsy drifted slowly away
Beaten by the game he'd taught so many to play
He said "I'd do it all again if I had the chance"
But I'm ready now for one more bow
I'll take the last dance