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Brian Davison

Brian Davison

BRIAN DAVISON (25 May 1942 – 15 April 2008), nicknamed "Blinky", was a British drummer, best known for his work in THE NICE. He was born in Leicester and died in Horns Cross, Devon. In the late 1950s, BRIAN DAVISON played drums in various skiffle groups in and around the youth clubs in Northwest London, especially around Baker Street. He rose to prominence drumming in the 1960s in progressive rock group THE NICE with keyboardist KEITH EMERSON and bassist LEE JACKSON. He was briefly in Jackson's JACKSON HEIGHTS band, before joining Jackson and keyboardist PATRICK MORAZ in REFUGEE. He subsequently played in GONG before leaving the music business for a period. BRIAN DAVISON taught drumming to pupils at Bideford College and is fondly remembered as a teacher by his students and by staff. THE NICE reunited for concerts in the early 2000s.


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