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The Golden Age of the Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters

℗ 2003

The Andrews Sisters • 2003 • The Golden Age of the Andrews Sisters

The oft-touted critical notion that pop music revivals are usually spawned by reactionary nostalgia founders miserably when trying to explain swing music's resurgence, a renaissance seen over by latter-day hipsters born three decades after the music's supposed demise. A better explanation can be found on this 27-track Andrews Sisters sampler: vibrant, sassy music that's influenced artists from Bette Midler to the Manhattan Transfer and beyond. Starting as purveyors of typically serene ballads in the late '30s, the Andrews' tight harmonies virtually became the nation's soundtrack during the war years when wed to swing (the era-defining "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy") and even influences as seemingly far afield as blues ("Shoo-Shoo Baby") and calypso ("Rum and Coca-Cola"). Culled mostly from their stellar '40s prime, this collection serves as a great introduction to a stellar career — and a fine rationale for swing's unexpected modern blossoming. — Jerry McCulley.