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Mon Petit Presor EP

Patrick Di Stefano

℗ 2006

Patrick Di Stefano • 2006 • Mon Petit Presor EP

Artists create works that express their feelings, their views. You will discover how this assumption can be true listening to Patrick di Stefano release. A journey through space and landscapes, pushed by rhythm 'n' soul vibes. Minimalism fulfilled by the warm passion of summer inspiration.

The instant you here the dreamy voices of opening track 'Method one', Patrick and Hugo suck you into their weird and wonderful world of hypnotic beats. Than the ep goes deep, back to some kind of old-school memories, 'Sansica' reminds us of how close is the sea, the influence of ocean waves over audio waves.

All subjective reality is based, according to Freud's ideas, on the play of basic drives and instincts, through which the outside world was perceived. Each track reminds me about that, providing some elements about seasons, colors and perspectives. Patrick di Stefano gave to his project a strong multi-flavor background, the collaboration with Leo Cubanero, with the tracks 'Run Away' and 'Pop-rtasusa' is the summary of the ep: a circulation of senses from Turin to Berlin, back and forth.

The ep ends as it starts. Last track is a cameo, the meeting of three musicians Daniela Boni,Emanuele Cisi e Patrick, a melodic conversation about the powerful poetry of electronic music.

A comment made in 1988 by Robert Owens on the UK TV documentary 'Club Culture' is becoming truer and truer: "It's not just boom boom boom. They're telling me something here. Something I can dance to and learn from. I can see house music becoming universal one day. It'll just take time for people to receive it."

Toni 02 is proudly going to follow his prediction... — Giuseppe Percuoco.