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Caroline Peyton

℗ 1977

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Caroline Peyton • 1977 • Intuition

Released to some critical acclaim but little else — not surprising for any effort in 1977 that only appeared on a tiny regional label well removed from any wider distribution — Caroline Peyton's second solo effort is all the more unusual for not getting a major-label release at the time. Effortlessly nestling in the sonic space outlined by performers ranging from Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt to Fleetwood Mac, but with a style all its own, Intuition avoids basic genre classification for its own easygoing blend; if not as exploratory in general like other peers or even some of her earlier efforts, it's still warm and winning for those inclined to the sounds of that era. Peyton's excellent singing, honed by years of performing, ranges from the sweet to the sassy and back again, and any number of moments, like her vocal break on "Together," showcase her talent readily. The standout song, "Call of the Wild," is a rich number given moving but not overwhelming backing from other musicians; with Peyton's performance on the chorus the killer touch, it almost foretells later efforts from groups like Bel Canto in its blend of serene folk and electronics. Perhaps the most intriguing sign of how she engaged her music and the time comes with the "disco number" — and it does have to be said that Peyton's singing, while still excellent, doesn't quite have the heft that such a performance would require. But unlike any number of dull moves at the time from people with no funk in their system at all, "Party Line," while definitely polite and loungey in feel, almost feels more like a quietly reflective Philly soul number thanks to its stop-start feel breaking up the straight-up pulse.

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