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Crime of Love

Bitter Suite

℗ 2005 Metal Mayhem Records MM 00056

Bitter Suite  2005  Crime of Love

Bitter Suite is another one of those bands that were unable to get their stuff out to the public when it was first recorded but are now given to the chance to get it released it after all.

The first 9 tracks date back to 1992, while the last 4 were laid down the year before.

A string of vocalists and 2 female singers contributed their talents to this album but David J. Petovar, who penned the lion share of the material on offer and also handled production of this here disc, is clearly the main set of tonsils. The others are Don Wilk (White Wolf), George Christon (Kick Axe), Mick Dalla Vee and the two female singers Carrie Jay and Kelly Brock.

The quality of the first 5 cuts is actually pretty good thanks to the rather fine vocals of mister Wilk and Christon but once David J. Petovar takes over the vocalist spot things start to go downhill. Mister Petovar had better stuck to only writing the songs and twiddling the knobs as his vocals are at times simply out of tune!

Mick Dalla Vee also hasnt one of the strongest voices to ever caress my hearing but fortunately he only gets to sing one song. On Forever Tonight vocal duties are handled by Carrie Jay, who possesses a Darby Mills like voice, while on Bad Boys Kelly Brock is offered the chance to do some serious whaling. And take it from me these 2 tracks are among the best this disc has to offer.

By some insiders , Crime Of Love is considered as some kind of melodic rock./AOR bliss but this is (unfortunately) not exactly the case as the vocals are not always up to par, the songs are just a tad too plain and the production lacks some power.

Im left with the feeling that this could have been a way better album based on the excellent stuff we were treated to in the past by other Canadian acts.

So dont be tempted to buy this album because of the rather nice artwork featuring an attractive girl on the front cover but put it to the hearing test first! SDR