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Sea and Sky

Stomu Yamashta

℗ 1984 Victor Records VDP 15

℗ 2010 barin.livejournal.com BR LLF 30193

Stomu Yamashta  1984  Sea and Sky

If you enjoy the electronic orchestrations of VANGELIS or the refined Japanese sensibility of KITARO, this album is a must. Sea and Sky is a masterpiece. Working with the brilliant arranger PAUL BUCKMASTER, STOMU YAMASHTA brings together his virtuoso synthesizer and percussion playing with the richness and power of full symphonic orchestra. From the surging initial ascent to the spectacular final crescendo, STOMU YAMASHTA brings you images of the sea and sky in all their grandeur, with echoes of DEBUSSY's La Mer, the passion of Berlioz and the lushness of the great film scores. With the exception of one inexplicable section of light jazz, every moment of this 1984 album shines with a special energy.