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Pussy Cats

Harry Nilsson

℗ 1974 RCA Records CPL1 0570 / © Victor Records

Harry Nilsson • 1974 • Pussy Cats

Pussy Cats is an album by Harry Nilsson released in 1974. It was produced by John Lennon during his "Lost Weekend" period. During the production of this album Nilsson ruptured one of his vocal cords but chose not to notify Lennon and forced himself to push through the sessions. The album title was inspired by the bad press Nilsson and Lennon were getting at the time for being drunk and rowdy. Another inside joke on the cover was the children's letter blocks "D" and "S" on either side of a rug — to spell out "drugs" in code. The album was begun in Los Angeles, but Lennon decided to finish it in New York where he could better control the sessions.

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