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Sunset Ride


℗ 1972 Warner Brothers Records BS 2603

Zephyr  1972  Sunset Ride

There are two kinds of Zephyr fans; those who think the band died when Tommy Bolin left, and those who know it didn't. This second and final album for Warner featured Boulder, CO, guitar slinger Jock Bartley in place of Tommy Bolin, the replacement of Bobby Berge and John Faris, and one of the few known recorded appearances of Bobby Notkoff, other than his work with Neil Young, for whom he created the heart-wrenching violin break on Running Dry. Without Bolin, the band took a decided turn toward jazz. This is a stunning album, featuring unknown classics like Moving Too Fast, Chasing Clouds and Winter Always Finds Me. Lead singer Candy Givens passed away some years ago, and this album is perhaps her most passionate legacy. William Ashford.