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A Fury of Glass

La Rossa

℗ 1983 Studio 621 Records AG 1013

℗ 1992 Musea Records FGBG 4097 AR

℗ 2011 barin.livejournal.com BR LLG 93385

La Rossa • 1983 • A Fury of Glass

A relatively obscure prog rock band founded in 1980 in Toulouse by a pair of Germans, La Rossa recorded a handful of demos and one full-length before officially calling it a day. The founders, ex-Wish members Benki (vocals) and Wolfgang Holler (keyboards) recorded initial demo material with drummer Marc Neves, but it wasn't until the lineup expanded to include bassist Dino De Rossi and guitarists Jean Pierre Baile and Robert Liccardi that a deal was struck, and the opportunity to record an album came to fruition. La Rossa's debut, influenced by prog legends like Van Der Graaf Generator, Yes, and Pete Hammill, was released in 1982. The only album put out by the multi-national group, A Fury of Glass would see a reissue on CD in 1993. The new version was expanded, including some of La Rossa's early pre-deal demo work. After the 1983 release, the band split and faded from the scene.

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