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Seductive Reasoning

Maggie and Terre Roche

℗ 1975 Columbia Records PC 33232 / © CBS Records

Maggie and Terre Roche • 1975 • Seductive Reasoning

What is a record? In a way it's like a history book. It tells about a time. When a city that's been buried is rediscovered, people go to visit and to study it. There is an awesome appreciation for what has previously happened that sometimes relieves us of the obsessive urge to criticize. What a wonderful thing that is for people who make records. This album was made through 1974-75. The songs are a result of the years before that. It is a perfect document of the time. But beyond that it is an expression that remains vital and relevant today. If you love music you will love this record. If you love poetry you will love this record. It has already done time in music business jail and now it is (re-)released — thank God. It's a classic! — Suzzy Roche.

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