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Voices in the Wind

Tim Donahue

℗ 1996 Eclipse Records 4701 44030 / © Magnetic Air Records / © Nippon Records

Tim Donahue • 1996 • Voices in the Wind

Voices In The Wind, is a hard rocking powerhouse that features the extraordinary talents of guitarist Tim Donahue together with two legends of rock music, Paul Rodgers and Eddie Kramer. On this album, Tim brings melody back to rock, along with a unique approach to rock guitar. Rock fans will especially enjoy tracks like "Step On It" and "Riff Raff", as this fretless guitar virtuoso cuts loose! Paul Rodgers' fans will be pleased to hear songs like "Sharing The Same Dream" and the title track, as Paul reveals a previously unknown side to his great vocal abilities. Jaz Lochrie and drummer Toss Panos round out the band. Playing with unending drive and conviction, they keep Voices In The Wind rocking from beginning to end. Producing and engineering this landmark album is one of rock's great sonic architects, Eddie Kramer. Known for his work with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zepplin to Kiss, Eddie Kramer's talent for bringing out the best in an album is evident on Voices In The Wind.

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