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Naninani II

Yamataka Eye · John Zorn

℗ 2004

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Yamataka Eye · John Zorn • 2004 • Naninani II

Much has happened since Yamatsuka Eye and John Zorn convened for the first Nani Nani in 1995. Zorn has continued, more or less, as he always has, chasing a dozen different spirits in a haunted house of his own construct. From his soundtrack work in the ongoing Film Works series (check Vol. 13, Invitation to a Suicide, a highlight of the impressive series) through the continuing unfolding of the Masada songbook from its original jazz quartet into string groups and guitar ensembles, the man is endlessly searching and ever the creative wellspring. Eye is a kindred spirit, although his path has had a few more sharp turns than his musical partner. First the Boredoms had a cosmic overhaul, shifting from the cut-and-paste rock collage insanity that was their trademark to a blissed-out Krautrock jam machine. Then, they broke up, supposedly to be replaced by the Voordoms, only to have the Boredoms name suddenly reappear. He's also kept busy as an artist, providing cover art for Beck and releasing a book as well. Naninani II doesn't sound like a latter-day Boredoms record, but the same cosmic spirit is present, especially on mellower excursions like 'Bar Time With Eno' and 'Hilo Himo.' It still has its moments of spazz and skronk, like the alto and electronics blowout of 'UFOFF,' but Naninani II is defined by its more sublime moments. Choosing to turn inward rather than freaking out makes this the most satisfying meeting of Eye and Zorn yet.

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