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The Rebel Wheel

℗ 2007 10T Records 10T 0028

The Rebel Wheel • 2007 • Diagramma

It had no over-riding concept but did have another epic song, the 25 minute title track. By this the time the band had pretty well moved away from midi-based instruments and playing live into sequencers but they did program a lot of lo-fi odd-meter drum loops to play along-side the live instruments. The band used a lot of virtual instruments and this album features quite a few of them, including Native Instrument's "B4", G-Force's powerful mellotron emulator "M-Tron" and Linplug's "Albino" among a host of others. The albm was recorded in two segments. The first was David tracking most of the parts himself at his home studio (Threads, Tempra, Three Valley Gap, Diagramma Suite) and the second segment where the band tracked the tunes Hiding in Waiting, Arachnophobia and Awakened with Matthew Thomas at Shattered Wing studios and forged a working relationship with him that continues to this day. Typically David writes the music and the whole band plays a large part in arranging it, but on this album, Gary Lauzon, along with former band-mates Chuck Ho and Greg Kampf wrote Arachnophobia and Paul Joannis wrote Awakened.

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