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Round the Edges


℗ 1971 SIS Records SIS 0102

℗ 2002 Progressive Line PL 526

℗ 2007 barin.livejournal.com BR LLC 00372

℗ 2013 barin.livejournal.com BR LLJ 85418

Dark • 1971 • Round the Edges

25.4.70 - Darks 1st recording session. Musically they were more than confident, but lack of experience showed. Even so, it still brought the inevitable cries of "Is that us"?

Since then Steve Giles, the only surviving member of that original Dark has remained the backbone of the group's gradmas change and improvement towards professionalism.

Then in 1971 he was back, with new line up to try again. This time the difference was astronishing. In this band was Clive, the present drummer and Carl Buch (Bush of Darkside) on bass. Finally on July 9th 1972 Steve came back with the culmination of those two years of playing, writing and patience to produce Darks's finest recording session to date. Clive was there, also a phenomenal bass guitarist called Ron. Also there was a second guitarist, to help fill out the sound, Martin Weaver.

From my side, all the knowledge and experience from the past two years of recording went into those five days to produce this truly representative album.

Unfortunately Dark have now split due to lack of exposure (Agents please note). Even so I hope we shall hear more from Dark, as do some young leeds who, when played the tapes, said "If we can play like that in two years, we shall give up too, if that's not enough to make it!" — Alan Bowley.

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