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Spirit of Nuff... Nuff

Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus

℗ 1991 Black Saint Records 120 134

℗ 2014 barin.livejournal.com BR LLL 20801

Henry Threadgill  Very Very Circus  1990  Spirit of Nuff... Nuff

After trailblazing stints with the avant-garde jazz trio Air in the '70s and his seven-piece sextet in the '80s, Henry Threadgill changes direction once again with a two tuba, two guitar, trombone, and drums outfit he calls Very Very Circus. Threadgill's layered, idiosyncratic compositions still abound, but as one would expect from a front line like this, the sound is darker and more dense than on prior releases. The new approach is especially evident in the thick mix of reverb-riddled guitar notes, rumbling tuba phrases, and march rhythms heard on numbers like Drivin' You Slow and Crazy, Bee Dee Aff, and Unrealistic Love. Threadgill does lighten the tone, though, by including the Calypso-inspired number Hope a Hope A and intricately buoyant themes like Exacto and In the Ring. Standout contributions include Masujaa's mercurial guitar solo on Unrealistic Love, Threadgill's haunting flute work on First Church of This and drummer Gene Lake's supple and tight rhythmic support throughout. Another excellent title from one of jazz's most progressive and original artists.