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Channel Light Vessel

℗ 1994 All Saints Records ASCD 19

Channel Light Vessel • 1994 • Automatic

If the idea of an ambient supergroup wasn't so paradoxical, it would fit this lot like the proverbial glove. It's hard to tell who does what with which in this largely improvised dreamscape, but it's likely that former DREAM ACADEMY member KATE ST. JOHN, lately out on the road with VAN MORRISON, is providing the sax and oboe lines, while BE-BOP DELUXE's BILL NELSON's guitar doodles atmospherically. ROGER ENO's keyboards gyre and gimbal with the toves provided by MAYUMI TACHIBANA's wispy cello and LARAAJI's haunting rhythmic devices. There is singing, usually by BILL NELSON or a multi-tracked KATE ST. JOHN, and the whole is lusciously soothing. — Johnny Black.

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