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Harmonica Album

Sigmund Groven

℗ 1998 Grappa Musikkforlag GR CD 4151

℗ 2009 barin.livejournal.com BR LLD 64450

Sigmund Groven  1998  Harmonica Album

Harmonica Album is one of SIGMUND GROVENs most popular releases ever. It is Groven himself who has selected the tunes to this collection, focusing on well-known film music. The result is a collection of some of our best and most well-known songs, beautifully performed by one of the worlds best harmonica players. Some of the featured tunes are originally performed on harmonica, while others have been given new arrangements adapted to the instrument. The selected music is taken from both older and more recent movies. In addition we have two of Grovens own compositions. Particularly important on this album is Donald Phillips song Firefly: the melody was Grovens first meeting with harmonica virtuoso Tommy Reilly who would later become Grovens mentor and close friend.