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Peter «PU» Ucik

Peter «PU» Ucik

New on the bass since April 2018: Peter Ucik. A subwoofer of the old guard. Influenced by artists such as Cliff Williams from ACDC andTom Hamilton from Aerosmith since the age of 13, that deeply rooted passion forthe artistry has been pulsating through his veins ever since. His Motto "playsimple and play well" has carried his professional music career to manydifferent countries on countless stages, playing nearly all genres of music.Peter brings the expertise gained after participating in over 2,000 live shows,including opening for bands such as Uriah Heep, Manfred Mans Earth Band,Doro Pesch, Saxon, Spencer Davis, Scorpions and more. Heis a badass bassist with balls and once again exactly where he's always feltmeant to be- in the world of Rock'n'Roll. Who kicks your ass? The bass of RAZZMATTAZZ.

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