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Guitar Man

J. J. Cale

℗ 1996 Delabel Records CDVIR 48 / © Virgin Records

J. J. Cale  1996  Guitar Man

J.J. CALE's albums usually sound interchangeable, and his twelfth release, Guitar Man, is no exception. Although he has recorded Guitar Man as a one-man band effort, it sounds remarkably relaxed and laidback, like it was made with a seasoned bar band. That doesn't mean there's much excitement on the album, but Cale's music has never been about excitement it's more about laying back and letting the music flow. Of course, that approach results in remarkably uneven records, and Guitar Man is no exception. There's a handful of very good songs, but there's nothing on the level of his previous classics. It's just another pleasant J.J. CALE album, nothing more but nothing less, either. Thom Owens.