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The Kiss and other Movements

The Michael Nyman Band

℗ 1985 Editions EG EGED 40

℗ 1990 Virgin Records 0777 7 87385

The Michael Nyman Band  1985  The Kiss and other Movements

The Kiss and Other Movements is the sixth album release by Michael Nyman, and the fifth recording (fourth full album) with the Michael Nyman Band. The title track is an operatic duet between Dagmar Krause and Omar Ebrahim, based on a painting of the same title by Paul Richards, which is depicted on the cover, and used in a video art project by Richards of the same name. The album includes music from Peter Greenaway's Making a Splash and 26 Bathrooms (originally part of the concert work, Memorial), an excerpt of Nyman's unfinished opera, Tristram Shandy, and a concert piece, Tango Between the Lines. This is the inaugural album for longtime band member David Roach.