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Montevideo Blues


℗ 1972 Macondo Records GAM 551

℗ 2013 barin.livejournal.com BR LLJ 64921

Dino  1972  Montevideo Blues

This Uruguayan artist's real name was Gaston Ciarlo. In the mid-sixties, he played guitar and sang in a band called Los Gatos who played U.K. and U.S. covers (not the Argentinian band). After two singles for RCA, he recorded a solo album for the small Eco label. Then he joined Montevideo Blues, played on their 1972 album which mixed blues and local Uruguayan rhythms. His next band Los Moonlights was a mainstream pop act. He went on to record beyond the timespan of this book. To date, none of these albums have been reissued.