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A Space in Time

Ten Years After

℗ 1971 Chrysalis Records CHR 1001

℗ 1971 Columbia Records CK 30801

℗ 2014 barin.livejournal.com BR LLM 01389

Ten Years After  1971  A Space in Time

A Space in Time is the seventh album by the British blues rock band TEN YEARS AFTER. It was released in August 1971 by Chrysalis Records in the United Kingdom and Columbia Records in America. A departure in style from their previous albums, A Space in Time is less heavy than previous albums and includes more acoustic guitar, perhaps influenced by the success of LED ZEPPELIN who were mixing acoustic songs with heavier numbers. The album also contains their biggest hit, I'd Love to Change the World, the third track on the album. By combining a melodic acoustic chorus with challenging electric guitar rifts, they managed to produce a sound that hit the charts in Canada. Although this was their biggest hit they rarely played it live (#10 Canada).