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Yer' Album

James Gang

℗ 1969 Bluesway Records BLS 6034

℗ 1971 ABC Records ABCS 688

James Gang  1969  Yer' Album

Yer' Album is the first album by the JAMES GANG. The group had written some material, but they were still something of a cover band. This is the only album featuring the bassist TOM KRISS.




Tuning Part One (Introduction)

(Bert de Coteaux Jim Fox Bill Szymczyk)

Turn me over
Play me again

Take a Look Around

(Joe Walsh)

You will never see me
Walking round feeling low
You will never hear, there
Goes a man who doesn't know

Too many roads to walk
Too many things to do
Too many words to talk
Moments too few

I don't think you know, though
You've been told a million times
It's not clear to see unless
You read in between the lines

Look out your window
When did it start?
Nothing's for certain
It's just a part

If you're feeling low, no
And your world comes tumbling down
If you see hard times, stop
Better take a look around

Good things must end
They never last
Look to tomorrow
Forget the pas

Funk #48

(Jim Fox Tom Kriss Joe Walsh)

Baby says she loves me, I believe she do
Baby says she needs me, I need her too

Gotta tell you baby, if I had my way
Lots of pretty money, you'd belong to stay

Baby says be careful, best believe I will
Baby says she's leaving, ha! I love her still


(Stephen Stills)

Listen to my bluebird sing
She can't tell you why
Deep within her heart, you see
She knows I must cry
Yeah, cry

If she sits, a lofty perch
Strangest color blue
Flying is forgotten now
She just thinks of you
Yeah you

So, get all those blues
Must be a thousand hues
And each is differently used
You just know

You sit there mes-o-merized
By the depth of her eyes
Can't be categorized

Lost Woman

(Jeff Beck Chris Dreja Jim McCarty Keith Relf Paul Samwell-Smith)

Don't know where to run to, don't know where to hide
See my future comin', but I try to keep my pride
But I lost you, lost you woman
The only woman, woman who was my kind

She make me lose my money, she make me lose my name
After what ya done me I can only treat ya sane
But I lost you, lost you woman
The only woman, woman who was my kind

But if you come back, I won't be the same
After what you done me I can always treat ya sane
Cause I lost you, oh that woman
Only woman
Woman who was my kind

Stone Rap

(Jim Fox Tom Kriss Bill Szymczyk Joe Walsh)

One  hold it
Joe, you gotta be very careful about squeaking and your sleeve noise
OK, take two

Here we go.
Come on, take two

Wanna buy a duck? A duck? Which way did they go, George?
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Take three

Here we go!
Here we go.
Come on, let's make it! Take three
There we went!
You ready?


(Patrick Cullie Joe Walsh)

Blue for the blue I feel when I'm feelin down on the ground
Feelin' down
That could be most any day
Green for the eyes, take look around
When the sun goes down and the sun goes down
In the strangest way
Red for the light, got to stop this thing
Find a song to sing that is everything
That I meant to say
Meant to say

Three for the mice that are blind like the world
Never see the good that is done, just the bad
It's too late to see
Two of us make it easier to read the signs
Memorize the lines
Will you play with me?
One for the road, I'll be on my way
Come another day, when the things we say
Find a way to be

I Don't Have the Time

(Jim Fox Joe Walsh)

I don't have the time to play your silly games
Walk to work each morning, live within a frame
Now you're trying to tell me I should be like you
Watch your time, work nine to five, what good does it do?

I'm not fond of laughing with your shallow friends
I don't feel like changing just so I'll fit in
Things are more important than how you look or feel
Just cause I don't look like you don't mean I can't read

Spend some time and listen, think what you may think
Form your own opinion, find your missing link
Through the situation, you may find it's right
We must stick together, man's not made to fight


(Joe Walsh)

See the people on their way
Going nowhere, waste their day
And it's strange, strange

And so I sit in padded cells
Through the bars, I might as well
And it's strange, strange

Though I'll stay here 'til my end
I'm better off than you, my friend
And it's strange, strange


(Jerry Ragovoy Mort Shuman)

Cause baby can't you see that I can't take it no more
If you keep it up, I'm gonna go through the floor

Never knew how good love could be, love has gone and made a fool of me
Everything is hazy, one more kiss could drive me crazy

Hold on just a minute cause I got to catch my breath
Every time you squeeze, you scare my heart half to death

Thought I was the captain of my ship, but your love has made me lose my grip
Everything is hazy, one more kiss could drive me crazy

I never knew how good love could be, love has gone and made a fool of me
Everything is hazy, one more kiss could drive me crazy

I think you're trying to take advantage of poor old me
When you touch my hands, I'm as helpless as I can be

Tell me baby what are you made of, what you do to me must be made of love
Everything is hazy, one more kiss could drive me crazy, yes she will