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Rick Wills

Rick Wills

Rick Wills (born 5 December 1947, London, England) is a British bass guitarist. He is best known as the longtime bassist with Foreigner. He started out in the blues-rock band Joker's Wild, replacing Tony Sainty, and he stayed with them until they split around 1968. He played bass on Peter Frampton's first three albums, Wind of Change, Frampton's Camel and Somethin's Happening before ending their association in 1975. He became the bassist with Roxy Music in 1976, and played on Viva before leaving the band in 1977 to be replaced by Gary Tibbs and Alan Spenner. He played bass for the Small Faces briefly, from 1977 to 1978 during their reunion. Wills then played on David Gilmour's first album, David Gilmour. He joined Foreigner later that year, and stayed with them for 14 years. Their biggest hits while he was with them included "Waiting For A Girl Like You" (#2 US, #8 UK) and the transatlantic #1 hit "I Want To Know What Love Is". In 1992 he either left or was fired from the band. He joined Bad Company in 1993 but left in 1999 when original member Boz Burrell rejoined the band. Little has been heard from him since, aside from briefly rejoining Bad Company in 2001. After three years in self imposed retirement. He joined Kenny Jones new band "The Jones Gang" where he remains recording and touring with them to this day.

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