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Somethin's Happening

Peter Frampton

℗ 1974 A & M Records SP 3619

Peter Frampton • 1974 • Somethin's Happening

Somethin's Happening is an album released by Peter Frampton in 1974. It reached #125 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Following the release of Frampton's Camel, Mick Gallagher chose to leave the group. Frampton was able to retained bassist Rick Wills, and drummer John Siomos for 1974's Somethin's Happening which was recorded in East Hampshire, London, Colorado, and New York with Chris Kimsey engineering. Frampton was joined by Andy Bown, former bandmate of The Herd, on keyboards. Frampton had finally finished this album after being up all night, and went back to his house to go swimming in his pool. The photos used on the cover were Frampton having buckets of water thrown in his face. Sales of Somethin's Happening, like those of its predecessors, were disappointing.

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