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David Coverdale's Whitesnake

℗ 1978 Sunburst Records 5C 062 61290 / © EMI Records

℗ 1978 Geffen Records GHS 24174

David Coverdale's Whitesnake • 1978 • Snakebite

Snakebite is an Extended Play and the first release by Whitesnake which was mid-1978. This EP unto itself would not be released in the U.S. The four tracks on this release would end up being included on a Double Extended Play containing the four tracks from Snakebite EP plus four extra studio tracks from David Coverdale's second solo LP Northwinds all under the title Snakebite in September 1978. This Double Extended Play would often be perceived as an LP but this was because there was no explanation of it being otherwise to those who did not know the history of Whitesnake's catalog worldwide until the age of the internet. The original UK EP sleeve is entitled David Coverdale's Whitesnake and features photographs of the live band in concert.

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