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Bobby Tench

Bobby Tench

Robert Tench (born 21 September 1944), also known as Bob Tench, Bobby Tench and Bobby Gass, is a British vocalist and guitarist. He is best known for working with bands and artists such as Jeff Beck, Freddie King, Van Morrison, Hummingbird, Humble Pie and Streetwalkers. At the start of his career he performed and recorded with his own band, Gass. Tench left Gass and joined the Jeff Beck Group. He recorded with Ginger Baker before joining Beck, Bogert & Appice as vocalist on a tour and recording sessions with Linda Lewis. Associations with Junior Marvin and the blues, rock guitarist Freddie King followed. Tench signed to A&M Records and formed Hummingbird, later joining Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney in Streetwalkers as a parallel project. During this period he had brief associations with Boxer and Widowmaker, recording an album with each, before joining The Van Morrison band. When his commitments with Morrison came to an end he moved on to work with Eric Burdon and Axis Point, before Steve Marriott included him in a new lineup of Humble Pie. More collaborations and associations followed with musicians such as Brian Robertson, Topper Headon, Roger Chapman, Ruby Turner and Alan Price. The new millennium saw the reforming of Humble Pie by the band's drummer, Jerry Shirley. Tench was included, in a lineup which also featured Humble Pie's original bassist, Greg Ridley. In the same year he was included in the Steve Marriott Memorial Concert, held at the Astoria Theatre.

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