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Still Got the Blues

Gary Moore

℗ 1990 Virgin Records V 2612 / © Charisma Records / © EMI Records

Gary Moore • 1990 • Still Got the Blues

Still Got the Blues is a 1990 album by guitarist Gary Moore. Prior to this album Moore's work had consisted of predominantly jazz-fusion with Colosseum II and rock and hard rock styles including his work with Skid Row, Thin Lizzy, G-Force as well as a large repertoire of solo work. This album, as evidenced by its title, is a departure from hard rock to an electric blues style. On December 3, 2008, a Munich, Germany court ruled that the guitar solo in Moore's hit, "Still Got the Blues," was plagiarized from a little known (at least outside of Germany) song published in 1974 called "Nordrach" by the German band Jud's Gallery. Moore has denied knowing of the song, due to its unavailability on record or CD at the time of studio work on his album; the court stated that the song could have been heard on the radio or in a live performance during that time. The court also stated that there was no evidence that the guitar solo was lifted from "Nordrach," but copyright infringement does not depend on outright theft. It is unknown at this time if Moore will appeal the decision. Moore was ordered to pay Juergen Winter, leader of Jud's Gallery, an undisclosed amount in damages.

Still Got The Blues (англ. Все ещё грущу) — альбом Гэри Мура, изданный в 1990 году, а также одноимённая песня с этого альбома, ставшая самой известной в России песней Гэри.

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