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℗ 1980 RCA Records BVCP 5033

℗ 2008 barin.livejournal.com BR LLC 56864

Airplay • 1980 • Airplay

For many fans of adult orientated rock this album is a milestone, the first real aor record. Especially David Foster (keyboard player, vocalist, songwriter, producer) developed as one of the most succesful producers in the eighties and nineties rock and pop music. In the eighties he produced lots of interesting bands like EW&F, The Tubes, Alice Cooper, Hall & Oates, Lionel Richie and Chicago and very often we hear Lukather as a guest guitarist.

"When I was a session player in the seventies, it was such a different ball game. It's crazy. We spend three times as long making records now, and we keep trying to find new ways to make the machines sound more human. Whereas before we'd just get some humans, go in, and do it. I'm so used to perfection now, though, with the machines. I used to thrive on going into the room with other musicians the guys from Toto, Michael Omartian, whoever and knocking out tracks for producers. You'd wake up in the morning, and that's what you'd do. I don't think I could get through a session now. I played a couple of sessions for some people, and it's tough." (David Foster in Keyboard Magazine, March 1988).

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