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Under a Raging Moon

Roger Daltrey

℗ 1985 10 Records 207 330

℗ 1985 Atlantic Records 7567 81269

Roger Daltrey • 1985 • Under a Raging Moon

Under a Raging Moon is Roger Daltrey's sixth solo album issued in September, 1985, which includes several drummers' tributes to Keith Moon, former drummer of The Who who died in 1978. The album reached number 42 on the U.S. charts, and the single "After the Fire" written by Pete Townshend reached number 48. It is notable for the drummers tribute on the track "Under a Raging Moon." Many people have said that After The Fire is what The Who would have sounded like had they continued as a band into the mid to late 1980s. The album was produced by Alan Shacklock, recorded at RAK Recording Studios & Odyssey Studios, London, and released on Atlantic 81269-1 in the USA. Later the album was also released on CD-Atlantic 7 81269-1 in the USA, including the bonus track "Love Me Like You Do."

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