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Comment Te Dire Adieu

Francoise Hardy

℗ 1968 Disques Vogue CLD 728

℗ 1995 Virgin Records 7243 8 40502

℗ 2009 barin.livejournal.com BR LLE 19231

Francoise Hardy • 1968 • Comment Te Dire Adieu

This may not rate as highly as her best mid-'60s recordings, which are less MOR-oriented. That stated, it's about as good as late-'60s MOR Continental pop gets, with tastefully imaginative orchestration, strong melodies, and sexy vocals. It's perhaps even sadder and more sentimental than was the norm for Francoise--she perpetually seems to be singing as though she's gazing out of a deserted chateau on a rainy afternoon. She largely forsakes original material here (although a couple cuts bear her writing credit), and offers fine, haunting French interpretations of Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne," and Phil Ochs' "There But for Fortune," and Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome Town."

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