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High Won High Two

Dave Burrell

℗ 1995 Black Lion Records BLCD 760206

℗ 2009 barin.livejournal.com BR LLE 23723

Dave Burrell  1995  High Won  High Two

Dave Burrell has long had a highly original style on piano, not quite outside but far from conventional. This CD reissues a trio set with bassist Sirone and either Bobby Kapp or Sonny Murray on drums. Most intriguing is a 19?-minute "West Side Story Medley" that features Burrell playing many of the songs from Leonard Bernstein's work in abstract fashion. There is also the lengthy "East Side Colors," five brief (around three-minutes apiece) versions of five of Burrell's originals and the "Theme Stream Medley" which has reprises of the five songs plus a sixth piece ("Inside Ouch"). This interesting set rewards repeated listenings.