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Terre de Feu


℗ 1993 CTV Records CTV CD 1993

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Contrevent  1993  Terre de Feu

A few years after the Quebec prog boom was out, and all that remained was OFFENBACH (by then not prog anymore) and its non-prog offshoot CORBEAU, the scene was all but dead if you'll except the jazz group UZEB (going famous world-wide) and the future-slightly-proggy (in the late 90's) THE BOX. Out of the blue appeared in 85, this jazzy-prog band called Contrevent that released their first album Jeu De Paume, which as you can probably guess went totally unnoticed. This guitar-dominated quintet also featuring violin/cello and vibes (with the Paradis brothers in the rhythm section) developed a fairly smooth-going instrumental fusion that presented constant progression and could've found place on the ECM Label catalogue even if it lacked a bit of energy as so typical of the 80's. The lack of profile didn't stop the fairly-different (only guitarist and main-songwriter Vallee was left) group from releasing four years later, Youkali, much in the same vein as its predecessor, without much more success than the local jazz-scene.

The group reappeared (again much different) in 93 with their last effort Terre De Feu (tierra del fuego), this time with a fairly different sound too. Alas, although the prog movement was slowly rising from its ashes (even locally, as VISIBLE WIND had now appeared), the band was on its last leg and would fold quietly. Sadly none of their three albums were ever reissued in the CD format, but the vinyl albums should still be financially accessible to prospective progheads and fusionheads. Marc Vallee has kept making music for movie and theatres, and his musical creations have shifted to an acoustic world-folk.