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Natural High. Collection


℗ 1996 Rhino Records R2 72460

℗ 2012 barin.livejournal.com BR LLI 34868

Bloodstone • 1996 • Natural High. Collection

The bulk of this is their debut album from 1972, featuring everything from a Bo Diddley medley to gospel-bred harmonies to Hendrix-derived guitar licks. Plus the hit, a beautiful fusion of all the above in the form of a sweet'n'dreamy soul ballad. The best early-'70s Isley Brothers album that the Isley Brothers didn't make themselves. (And believe me, there were plenty trying.) This reissue includes a previously uncollected 1972 single ('Girl (You Look So Fine)'/'Judy, Judy') and four outtakes, including a bizarre yet respectful 'Little Green Apples.' The annotation by Wayne Edwards is superb, and the discography complete.

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