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In the Beginning

Hubert Laws

℗ 1974 Creed Taylor Inc. Records CTX 3+3

℗ 2013 barin.livejournal.com BR LLJ 28502

℗ 1974 Creed Taylor Inc. Records CTI 6065: Then There Was Light. Volume 1

℗ 1974 Creed Taylor Inc. Records CTI 6066: Then There Was Light. Volume 2

Hubert Laws • 1974 • In the Beginning

This double album features flutist Hubert Laws at his finest. The music ranges from classical-oriented pieces to straight-ahead jazz with touches of '70s funk included in the mix. The supporting cast includes keyboardist Bob James on most tracks, guitarist Gene Bertoncini, bassist Ron Carter, drummer Steve Gadd, three strings, and Hubert's brother Ronnie on tenor (his solo on John Coltrane's 'Moment's Notice' is arguably Ronnie's best ever on record). Whether it be works by Satie or Sonny Rollins, this recording is one of the most rewarding of Hubert Laws' career.

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