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Bossa n' Stones 2

Various Artists

℗ 2006

℗ 2014 barin.livejournal.com BR LLK 21257 2

Various Artists  2006  Bossa n' Stones  2

The difference between simply covering an artist and covering said artist in a different genre is that the latter shows how well the artist's songs are actually written, how well they can convert to new and different styles and rhythms. On Bossa n' Stones 2, classic Rolling Stones tracks are given a Brazilian makeover, which has the potential of creating some pretty interesting things. Unfortunately, the problem with the album is that it's not really bossa nova, but more like adult contemporary pop/rock with occasional Brazilian instrumentation and beats. While it's true that bossa nova is definitely a lighter genre, especially in comparison to its upbeat sister samba, and the Stones' songs are good enough in themselves that they can take this kind of transformation, there's still something off about the album. The covers seem too processed, too controlled, and not at all Stones-ian. Perhaps this is just because they aren't any good, and true bossa nova could in fact renovate these songs successfully. All of which is to say that there are definitely more successful, more honest, and much more fun Rolling Stones tributes out there.