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Introducing Milli Vernon

Millie Vernon

℗ 1956 Storyville Records STLP 910

℗ 2012 barin.livejournal.com BR LLI 47730

Millie Vernon • 1956 • Introducing Milli Vernon

With its intimate, closing-time atmosphere and thoughtful performances, Introducing Milli Vernon boasts a maturity and honesty that cut surprisingly deep - despite Vernon's relative anonymity, she's a compelling vocalist with a genuine sense of style and drama. Of course, it's the names below the title - trumpeter Ruby Braff, guitarist Jimmy Raney, and pianist Dave McKenna among them - that many jazz buffs will find most appealing, and while their contributions are firmly within the Storyville label's signature style, the session's overall emphasis and atmosphere and mood means their contributions are largely subordinate to Vernon's voice. That said, this is a solid album, even if some of the material is a bit too slight; given the right song, like 'I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I've Got,' Vernon excels.

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